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Welcome to my Private Lesson

Whoever said that learning can't be fun needs a hug, and a new teacher! I firmly believe that if you take life too seriously, you wind up driving yourself crazy, but if you can laugh at your mistakes, you can learn from them faster! Besides, learning is as fun as you choose to make it, and with me as your teacher we'll be laughing together in no time! 

Whether you are a new musician, looking to develop your skills, or about to start audition season, my studio offers a fun, safe learning environment where everyone is welcome! Trust me, I know how hard it can be to find a teacher you not only click with, but feel like you can be yourself around. Music is vulnerable and sometimes scary to share with someone else! I promise, I can help you come out of your comfort zone, get out of your own way, and enjoy being the musician you've always wanted to be! The only thing you might have to worry about is a little bit of cat hair! 

Lesson Rates 

  • 30 Minutes: $35

  • 45 Minutes: $50

  • 60 Minutes: $55


Both flute and voice lessons can be done online or in person! I am located Pine Bush NY and have a small studio space in our home! If travelling isn't an option for you, or you live farther away, I will happily accomodate you with a virtual lesson via Google Meet! 

All of my private students will have the opportunity to perform in our annual studio recital! You will also have the option to work in a chamber music setting with other students in the studio, or myself, if you are interested in developing small ensemble skills! (You should. 10/10 would reccommend. )

Why should I take private lessons?

One-to-one instruction: A classroom setting offers very little, to zero, one-on-one instuction. Students are often unintentionally overlooked, and those who might be struggling, go unnoticed. With one-to-one instruction, a private teacher is easily able to note (Ha! note! See what I did there?) any struggles the student may be having, and provide the necessary instruction to help fix said struggles! 

Learning style-based instruction: Every student is unique and what might work wonders for one student, does absolutely nothing for another. There are several different learning style types, including aural, visual, kinesthetic and more! A classroom setting, though again unintentionally, just isn't able to cater to every single student's individual style or needs...but private lessons can! Because of this, you or your child can acheive the greatest amount of success in the shortest amount of time!

Personal accountibility: Raise your hand if you've secretly hidden behind the singer or player next to you to try and cover up that you didn't practice? (Me, I'm raising my hand!) In an ensemble setting this is unfortunately a common scenario, and trust me, you're not really hiding and your teacher still knows. However, in a private lesson setting there is no where to even try to hide. It's just me, you, and your voice/instrument, forcing you to either put in the effort, or have to admit you didn't. Don't fret if you didn't! It happens sometimes, no one is perfect, but when it does, it will definitely give you the kick in the behind you need to self motivate! 

No holding back!: Hey listen, I get it, I was that kid who thought I was better than everybody else. It wasn't an ego thing or a bragging thing, I just was naturally talented and had been playing much longer and you know what? That's OKAY. Sometimes we NEED more of a challenge and we NEED to embrace who we are and what we can do! Private lessons give you the opportunity to just be you, without you feeling like anybody else is holding you back. This helps you perfect individualized skills and honestly, gives you a sense of identity! Ensemble playing is wonderful and necessary, don't get me wrong! But private lessons are where you, and only you, have the opportunity to truly shine! 

What can I expect to learn? 

During your first lesson we will work together to come up with a list of both short, and long term goals! Based on this initial discussion, I will choose repertoire and exercises to help you achieve them! You will also have the option to choose your own music to work on, if I think it will suit our gameplan! Remember, there are no goals that are too big or too small, and I promise to help you reach for them and succeed! 

Proper Posture

Tone Development

Aural skills


Music History

Solo works

Ensemble pieces

Stage presence

Student Testimonial

"Lessons with Ms. Sandi have been so worthwhile! She has an amazing and clear way of breaking techniques down so that they are understandable, and is always keeping it light and fun. Different from most other teachers, Ms. Sandi offers lessons with great quality but at a more affordable price for students. Therefore, it is a great choice for both beginners and flute players who already have some experience to have lessons with her!"

-Xiang Chi, Northern Academy of the Arts

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