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Dan and Concetta | Cherished loved ones, moments, and dreams!

Gosh I don't even know where to begin with these two! I might be biased because of our friendship, but this day is a shoot I will never forget and is by far one of my favorites ever! Strap in folks, this one is gonna be a long one!

I met Concetta at a flute gig I did last summer with my sister for a book fair she was tabling at. We connected instantly, and I mean that quite literally. It's hard to even describe the moment because I've never felt such a tangible connection to someone so fast, and it was SO genuine! She made me feel like I'd known her my whole life and I felt comfortable being my completely normal, weirdo self without hesitation! Knowing her kindness and warm, supportive personality had such a profound impact on random little old me in such a short amount of time, I can't even imagine how wonderful it must be to be married to her! Dan, you're an incredibly lucky man good sir!

Through a random Facebook post I had shamelessy plugged myself as a photographer LOL but these two gave me the incredible honor of actually asking me! I was floored! I'd only done a handful of weddings at this point and it was an absolute dream to be asked by such special people! And I hadn't even met Dan yet! Of course I said yes immediately and the rest is history!

Come April, my incredible husband and I flew down to Orlando pumped and ready to SLAY this day. Naturally Concetta and Dan were amazing hosts (with lots of Eggos lol) . They even invited us to join them for their bachelor/bachelorette at Orlando studios where we learned so much about their story and connection as a couple. Can I just say these two are hilarious and perfect for each other in every single way?! Dan was just as welcoming as Concetta, and despite never meeting most of them, he made us feel as if we had been in their friends and family group for decades! What an amazing gift for both people to be so genuine and so real; their marriage is going to be A WHOLE NEW WORLD! (I said what I said and I have no regrets. #disneypuns).

I knew this wedding was going to be a special from day one through all of my texts with Concetta, but the whole day was just such a VIBEEEE and boy were we here for it!

We started by meeting at Dan's apartment around 10am for some groomsmen/woman pics and groom details. I have to say this part of the day was just FUN. These guys were such troopers, and they were hysterical but yet so authentic. Ask my husband, I was sooooo nervous that morning and they completely melted that fear away in a matter of minutes by just being themselves! Seriously, if you could bottle up joy, it would have been Dan and his crew in this moment.

(Click the slider for more shenanigans!)

We left the boys, grabbed some BANGING buns from the local 711 cause #carbup, and headed to Universal where Concetta was getting all dolled up in one of the resorts!

Ugh isn't she STUNNING?! MAJOR Disney Princess vibes! #goals

While hair and makeup continued, Liam and I focused on the details. I just adored how it was all chosen for such a specific, and meaningful reason. Everything from the dress to the bouquet to the jewelry had some kind of symbolism for her, or to them as a couple. She really put so much time and effort into making sure her day was not just special, but intimate and meaningful for the both of them and it could not have been more heartwarming.

(Um also excuse me but a Harry Potter Bouquet and Disney jewelry?! Literally a dream!)

Eventually, Concetta's parents and friend Mark joined us and they took the sweetest photos as she blossomed into the most beautiful bride! I am still gushing over these!

(Another slider folks)

And then we were off to the races! It was a short, but supeeeer sweet, ceremony, officiated by their close friend Mike. (Again just so special!) From their handwritten vows, to their raw and real emotion, it was absolute perfection.

(Sliiide to the left, sliiiide to the right. Lol. )

BTW would you just LOOK at these details? So much heart went into this Disney theme and my inner child was SCREAMINGGGGG!

The rest of the evening went down as most weddings do: Portraits, First dances, Dinner, Speeches, the most RIDICULOUSLY delicious cake that was cut while the Jurassic Park theme was playing, and lots and lots of dancing! What set it apart from every other wedding I've done though, was the real and true connection that these two shared with every. single. person. there. I have never witnessed so much pure and absolute love for an entire guest list's worth of people. Dan and Concetta truly made every single person feel like they were the most important person in the room, even me the help! (Plus their miiiight have been a whole four minute and 29 second period dedicated to "We Didn't start the Fire" just because I can sing it, so I mean. That's never not gonna go down in history. )

It was nothing short of an honor to get to photograph these two on their wedding day, but what's even more of an honor is just the appreciation, intimacy, and gratefulness that I got to experience all day long. This is the kind of love that movies are made out of. The kind of love that is so tangible, real, and raw that it just encapsulates everything around it and makes it better. The kind of love that stands against all time.

Mr. and Mrs. Otero, thank you for sharing your love with a world that very much needs it. May your marriage be an ever-growing blessing and full of joy, hope, and laughter. Know that you have created a real life tale as old as time, and I pray you enjoy every single moment. <3



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