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The Servidio Family | An Irish Birthday Surprise!

Joe and Lauren are like family to me at this point. (You might've seen my previous blog about their gender reveal party last summer). SO naturally when Joe asked me to photograph a very special birthday event for them, I immediately had to say yes! This would be my first gig since my hospitalization and medical leave last fall so I was very nervous about my physical limitations getting in the way. Luckily my husband is the sweetest, and he offered to be my assistant for the day just in case. I'm so glad he did because it was SO great to be back at it! I'd never done a shoot in a bar before, so I had a lot of fun playing around with editing styles for this one. Ultimately I decided on a vintage look! It just felt right.

The man of honor? Joe Servidio, not to be confused with Joe Servidio! LOL

Just kidding one is Sr. and one is Jr.

Joe Sr. is a sweet, sweet man of great character, and every time I've been around him he's exuberated nothing but kindness! He loves his barbershop fam, Thatcher's, the local pub, his pup Rufus, and of course his whole family. While this party was a surprise, the love and emotion that was shared throughout the the day was not. As soon as he walked through the door, the room immediately erupted into a symphony of joy, laughter, and lots of hugs!

It was a fun afternoon with lots of great Irish food, beer, whiskey, darts and of course barbershop tags!

The best part? Watching the family dote on their newest addition: baby Connor! He made the best photographable moments!

Connor's family just adores him so much, especially the birthday boy!

It was a wonderful afternoon full of the most perfect, family loving memories that I'm sure Joe Sr. will treasure always! Happiest of birthdays Joe! And thank you Servidios, for letting us share in your special day! Can't wait for the next one! XOXO!



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