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Lauren + Joe | The most BEEauitful parents!

I promise that this title is:

1. Hilarious. And 2. Makes total sense after you get a chance to walk in my shoes through this perfect day!

Let's start with the backstory:

Lauren was my college roommate right from the get-go, first semester freshman year! While I wish I could say it was love at first sight, I think she may have some roommate horror stories that suggest otherwise...LOL. Yet, somehow, despite my literal crazy, she didn't give up on me and we have been best friends ever since! BONUS: I was also adopted into the family. Love you ma!

Now here we are, a decade later.

Man. A whole decade...


Somewhere in the middle of that, this guy named Joe came along, I threatened his life if he hurt her, and a happy marriage ensued. That's how all these things work out right?

Then one day last spring I got a text that made me cry tears of joy! I was gonna be an "Aunt!" I could not be happier for two of the most important people in my life!

We waited until August for the much anticipated gender reveal, and I was lucky enough to have brought my camera.

"What will baby BEE?" we all wondered! (See? There's that title tie in I promised, now laugh at my joke!)

It was a PERFECT summer day, albeit HOT. Lauren was a trooper though and she powered through! I give her a lot of credit too because I literally felt my skin roasting in the bright sun, (#whitegirlprobs) so I know she was feeling it just as badly.

Nontheless we perserved and partied on with some punny photobooth fun...

...ALL of the pup snuggles...

...and giant sidewalk chalk!

Eventually the time came to cut the cake!

Cake there's cake?! (You're welcome to those who get that joke.)

Finally! The moment we had all been waiting for...


...IT'S A BOY!

FIRST of all, can we talk about that little run to each other? SOO freaking cute, I can't!


Family and friends ERUPTED with joy and emotion!

And every generation...

...Immediately fell in love with that little boy.

(By the way do you see sheer LOVE on now, GREAT-Grandma Bobbie's face? My HEARRRRRT!)

My best friend, a boy mom.

What a luckily little boy.

What a perfect little family.

What a blessing to have friends like this.

Baby Connor's gender reveal was a day I will never forget, and I am soooo grateful that I got to be included in it.

My favorite part though? That in one fleeting moment, every single person at that party got to experience the exact same feeling at the exact same time-overwhelming love for this new baby boy.

How amazing is that? Like for real though. That moment is gone; it can never be created the same way again.

Really stop and think about that; let it sink in.

Is there anything more special, more incredible, more POWERFUL, in our lives, than moments like this?

Love you both to the moon and back as Ma always says! Congratulations to the world's most amazing parents and welcome to the world sweet Connor. Your Auntie Sandi cannot wait to spoil you!

Need a photographer for YOUR special event? I've got you!


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