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Kevin + Katie | The Perfect Vintage Spring Wedding

April is one of my favorite months for a plethora of reasons: The sun is shining, the grass is green, and of course, it's my birth month! #birthdaygirl

Katie and Kevin's wedding day was no exception! The weather was perfect, the sun was glorious, and these two had a love story that conquered all! I mean just look at them, could they be any sweeter?!

This was my first time stepping foot on the grounds of FEAST at Round Hill, a charming private estate tucked away in the hills of Washingtonville, NY. The grounds have SO many perfect photo opportunities! Even in the springtime when things were just barely starting to bud, we had zero trouble creating the most magical scenes!

I mean come ON, do you SEE this sunset?!

Check out their instagram: @feastcaterers for some serious wedding inspo!

One of my favorite things about FEAST, was it's endearing vintage aesthetic and I fell in love with the vibe instantly. Seriously, from the grounds, to the dance floor, to the bridal suite, FEAST will take your breath away and transport you into a timeless bubble that you will never want to leave! Katie and Kevin fit right in, adding flawless personal touches like a classic bird cage veil, homemade bouquets, navy blue suits, a cigar bar, and so much more!

Naturally, their personal details and getting ready shots were a photographer's dream!

( Also, Can we talk about Katie for a second. Seriously what a STUNNING bride and can you say GORGEOUS mermaid hair? #actualgoals )

Truly the best part of the day, for me at least, was the sheer LOVE that was shown all around. Instead of traditional bridesmaids, Katie had such memorable titles picked for her girls and they each had special dress colors of the very own....

...Plus, their ceremony had a special officiant who effortlessly catered to their personal love story! It was a ceremony truly unlike any other I've seen!

But the most magical moment of the day, was hearing Kevin and Katie's story: a story of always coming back to find each other, no matter the hardship or struggles they'd been through. Nothing is more timeless than that folks, and nothing embodies marriage more than choosing each other over and over again. After all, what is marriage if not a daily CHOICE of love?

Katie and Kevin, I hope you continue to choose each other long into the next several decades. It was nothing short of a joy to get to be a part of this enchanting day and if your marriage is anything like your wedding was, I just know it's going to be FULL of joy, laughter, and perfect, cherished moments for you to look back on in love and gratitude forever and ever. Enjoy your memories together. 🖤



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