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Kelly + Julianne | An Intimate Backyard Wedding

Welcome to a September wedding that I will truly never forget! I mean just LOOK at these two, even the sky knew this day was a DREAM, amirite?!

Kelly and Julianne connected with me through a mutual friend on Facebook, and it was truly love at first sight, at least for me! These two babes went out on a limb and entrusted me with their special day, knowing it would be my very first solo wedding. MAJOR EEEP. No pressure right? Yet these two made it feel so easy!

From the personalized and gorgeous decor....

To the priceless and sentimental details...

...this love story, though unspoken to me, clearly shared not only their history, but their most precious and invaluable moments that define who they are, what they have been through, and the true beauty that being together has brought to their lives.

It was a wedding unlike any other! And if you're someone like me who's been to their fair share of weddings, you kind of know the drill and it can become pretty predictable:


CUT TO: Cocktail Hour

CUT TO: First dances

CUT TO: Speeches

CUT TO: Dinner

CUT TO: Dancing and shennanigans

While these two followed the traditional layout, I can honestly say that the day was anything BUT predictable, in the best way! These two were so easy going and their very evident love for each other, coupled with the intimacy of their wedding party (which literally included their own children, SQUEEE SO CUTE), made for a day of hilarity, spontaneity, and above all else pure JOY, that was continually palpable through every aspect of the day. They were absolute naturals, and it was so easy to capture the essence of their love because it was all out on the table!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you ladies for taking a leap of faith and entrusting me, a noob from Facebook with a camera, with the most important day of your lives. It was an honor and a privilege, and if you even had HALF as much fun as I did, then I know your beautiful day was a success, and that your marriage will shine a bright, beautiful light for years to come!

Enjoy some of the memories of their special day, you can literally FEEL the love through these photos!


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